Should I Ditch My Iphone For A Galaxy Note 2

As much as I would like to say I am not an Apple fan boy the proof is in the pudding, when it comes to mobile. I own an IPad 4 that I got last year from work. I absolutely love it, and I am on my second IPhone model third phone overall. (I tried to replace the screen on my 3GS once and messed it up so bought one used to last me until I could upgrade to the 4S) I only have once compliant with my IPhone and it is that the screen is to small and the move to the 5 was not big enough. I have outlined what I wish Apple would do in my “5 Reasons The IPad Mini Should Be A Phone

I won’t rehash that article here, but my laments continue to push me towards other brands. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is really the only place I would go. He has a huge screen and with a stylus I think I will be able to do all of the things I enjoy using my IPad for without having to lug two devices around. I know I will miss having the IPad but I do feel in the long run it will be the best fit for what I need. I can’t update for another month or so but I am definitely interested in having a much larger screen on my phone and being able to ditch the second device. This will be especially nice when I have my laptop with me as well. So unless Apple announces something revolutionary (a mix between IPhone and IPad Mini) I will be moving away for at least two years. I am comfortable with the IPhone but I feel my needs may be better suited with this new machine. Here are some videos that will show you some of the benefits of the notes that I like.

Do you have a Note 2? What do you like about them? Let me know in the comments.

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To Keep The IPhone That Is The Question.