Dump Your IPhone For a Galaxy Note 2

I finally took the plunge and dumped my Iphone for a Galaxy Note 2, and I suggest you do the same. Truthfully this was one of the hardest tech decisions I have ever made. I loved my Iphone and used it for just about everything. The problem was I regularly wished that I had a bigger screen. The Note has almost as much screen width wise as my Iphone 4s did lengthwise, and I was getting tired of carrying around both my Ipad and and my Iphone. So I got the note left the Ipad home for 2 weeks and did not even miss it once. That prompted me to sell as well last week. So I consolidated like I wanted (now to down size the laptop). So what is it like going from being an Iphone junkie to the note? Easier than I thought, and better.

Iphone vs Galaxy Note 2

I would be lying if I said the first day was not hard. I kept opening the wrong apps and looking for things in the wrong areas. Not having my familiar IOS system was tough. Luckily the more I used the Note the better I got at it and the things I started to like even more and more. I will not go into every feature that I feel is better but I do want to mention a few. The note allows you to watch a video and browse at the same time. This is awesome when I am browsing the internet and want to keep a video running at the same time.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Iphone

Bigger Is Better Smart Phone Screen

When I mentioned I would be making this move a lot of people told me the screen would be too big. They said I would hat not being able to reach every inch of the screen with one hand. The truth is… it only annoys me when when trying to text while eating food. Seeing that this is very uncommon I have found it to be a very small inconvenience. Having such a huge screen for both business and entertainment has been fantastic. I read a lot for work and have found the large screen to be extremely convenient. I love using it for business and have developed several high level power-point presentations right from my phone. If you use your phone for content creation you can’t make a better choice than the Galaxy Note 2.

Galaxy Note 2 for Blogging

If you blog like me… you will find this is the best purchase you have ever made. I can write from anywhere in the world no matter what I am doing. The Android slide writing takes a few days to get used to but one you have it down you can really fly when writing. I am excited to explore all of the possibilities of this new phone and operating system over the next year.


article by: Jared Oldham


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