Over the past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about touchscreen computing. I have read dozens of articles about how the laptop and PC are dead. Even with dismal shipments from most major manufacturers it would be pretty hard to convince me that the laptop and PC are dead as I am positive everyone saying that is typing the article from a laptop or PC. I work in a high tech environment and many of my co workers own tablets. But not one of them works from their tablet exclusivity. So what is it that we at Techgiantsocial.com think will happen?

Transition To Touch Devices


I love my tablet, and I use it all of the time for non work purposes. But as soon as I need to jam out an article or do some actual computing I whip open my 17 inch laptop and get to work. I want a combination of both, one that is big robust and works. Ultrabooks are pretty cool in practice but the truth is they are not powerful enough for everything I want to do computing wise. I want a very reliable 14 inch laptop that either converts or removes into a robust tablet. I want to go from watching a movie on the plane to writing an eBook without having to change devices.

XPS 12

I love the Dell XPS 12 concept. Flip the screen and then you are off. The problem for me is the screen is too small for practical use as a laptop, or work station. (I could deal with it, I use an external monitor at work anyways) But the computing power is still to limited. If they can keep a 14 inch machine from weighing to much to handle with one hand like I do with my IPad, yet still compute at a powerful enough level to run all business applications I would be all over it.

The transition will be slow but I think we will see the Apple, HP, Dell, Lenvo and Acer coming out with more powerful ultrabooks in the very near future.

Apple Mac Book Air

How To Survive The Market Now

The problem that manufactures have right now is surviving the transition long enough to stay in the game and deliver to this new market in the future. This is where the simple convertibles need to adapt quickly. I believe that the best ultrabook with touch screen right now is the XPS 12. It is light easy to use and has enough keyboard landscape to actually serve as a laptop. Yet the market still needs to do more. I would love to see a convertible version of the Apple Macbook air. Infact if they came out with them It would probably be my next purchase. I love the Air but it does not support touch technology. With the IPad still ruling the roost as far tablets are concerned it seems like a great design transition for Apple to make. A thin yet solid keyboard similar to the XPS 12 and either a removable or flipping screen would propel the already sleek and well performing Air to the top of the pack again.

Final Breath

Rather than dying I see the transition more as a rebirth of what we consider a computer to be. The market is changing to arm the mobile, global work force. Consumers want easy to use functionality with powerful computing technology. I am excited to be a part of this transition and look forward to what 2013 will yield in the technology industry.

What are you thoughts on touchscreen Ultrabooks? Please share in the comments.



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Is The PC, Laptop World Really Dead?
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