Tips For Making Money With Technology As a Kid

Guest Post By: Steven Cooper

Today kids understand technology and how to use it faster than ever before. When I was a kid, I remember playing Oregon Trail and Stratego on the computer and thought it was pretty cool. (I still think Oregon Trail is pretty cool.) Computers were very basic, and the Internet wasn’t around yet. Today, before the age of two, kids are experts on ipads playing games learning the shapes, numbers and colors. It is no mystery that kids are more technology inclined.

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Kids can use these skills to make money while they are young. By understanding technology at a younger age, they are able to develop skills to create products and services. This will help them make extra money to buy the latest technology that they want. Below is a list of 19 products or services that kids can do to make money.

1. Blog– Create a blog on a topic that interests them and put Google Adsense on it.
2. YouTube– Set up a YouTube channel and make funny videos. Get paid from ads being displayed on videos.
3. Podcast– Start a podcast about something they enjoy and get sponsors.
4. Niche Website– Create a niche website and earn money with Google Adsense, affiliate links and digital products.
5. Online Product Reviewer– Create a review website and talk about the latest and greatest product in an area of interest.
6. Movie Editing– Make wedding videos and edit movies for people.
7. Graphic Design– Learn graphic design and do freelance work for people.
8. Sell VoIP Phone– Set up VoIP home phones like Ooma or Obi Box for people.
9. Programming– Learn to program and create games, Iphone apps and software to sell.
10. Helping Elderly Set Up Electronics– Elderly usually are not good at electronics. Kids can earn money by helping them set up a new TV or computer.
11. Digitize Pictures– Most people have boxes of old photos that need to be digitized. Scan them into the computer to make digital copies.
12. Make a Digital Scrapbook– Create quality digital scrapbooks with programs like Shutterfly for people.
13. Movie Conversion– Convert VHS and home videos to digital copies or DVDs.
14. DVD and Blue Ray Digitizing– Put DVDs and Blue Rays on a hard drive so they don’t get scratched, lost, or broken.
15. Computer Maintenance and Repair– Update and clean up computers for people so they run better.
16. Fix and Re-sell TVs and Computer Monitors– Collect old TVs and computer monitors, fix them and resell them. Usually it is an easy fix to get them working again.
17. Video Game Rental– Does your kid have a ton of video games they don’t play any more? Instead of selling them, rent them out to friends and neighbors.
18. Video Rental– With blockbusters gone and Redbox not always having the shows we want to watch, it creates a great opportunity to rent out your DVDs to friends and neighbors. Digitize them first.
19. Elderly in Computer Skills– Teach Elderly how to type, and work the computer.

Help your kids figure out which one of these ideas will work best for them. Your kids will be able to put their technical skills to use and make money instead of just playing games. To learn more ways on how your kids can make money go to

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How to make money as a kid with Technology
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