Setting the Standard for Carrier Grade Servers in Telecommunications

A few short months ago, the telecommunications industry was in search of the ideal carrier grade server. They needed a server that met all NEBS standards as well as met the demanding requirements needed for global communication in an industry that it is necessary for durability, scalability and compatibility. In February of 2012, Dell released the 12th Generation, PowerEdge Carrier Grade servers, offering a solution to all of the telecommunication industry’s server problems.

NEBS Carrier Grade Servers and Testing

In the world of telecommunications, it is vital to find servers that meet all standards of NEBS (preferably tier 3) and are the correct building blocks to use in the numerous telecommunications tasks and applications. NEBS (acronym for Network Equipment-Building System) level 3 certifications are a set of regulations across the United States that involve a unified grouping of safety, environmental and spatial requirements. To attain level-3 certification, the PowerEdge 12th Generation Carrier Grade servers from Dell must go through rigorous testing including earthquake vibration testing, thermal margin testing, fire suppression and more. Once a carrier grade server has passed these tests, they can then be used across the nation as solutions to the industry’s need for scalable and cost effective carrier grade servers and support.

The PowerEdge 12th Generation Carrier Grade Servers

You may be asking what sets these carrier grade servers apart and why use them. Compared to our competitors, Dell helps telecommunication industry companies step away from the past of first level NEBS certified carrier grade servers and into the wide world of compatible, scalable and NEBS level three certified servers. The NEBS-certified solutions brought to telecommunications through Dell have been proven to lower operating costs, simplify daily operations and increase stability as well as profitability across several telecommunication companies. Innovative and cost effective, the Dell carrier grade servers are unique and changing the way servers are looked at in the telecommunications industry.
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Who is Using Dell for Telecommunication?

A supplier of telecom operators, the German based company of Utimaco, is only one of several operations that have implemented Dell’s new NEBS level-3 certified servers to see improved service capability and timing. In fact, René Nitzinger the Product Manager at Utimaco has said, “We’re excited about Dell’s new NEBS level-3 certified servers and look forward to continuing our partnership in this space with Dell OEM Solutions. Our lawful interception management systems require carrier-grade hardware that is operational 24×7 with zero downtime, even in harsh environments.”

Carrier Grade Servers for Harsh Environments

As we discussed above, the PowerEdge 12th Generation Carrier Grade servers undergo various testing to ensure they can work in harsh environments as well as guarantee networks can stay up twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of natural disaster or typical conditions. These carrier grade servers have also undergone NEBS tests that concerned the electromagnetic safety and compatibility of these servers as well as the physical state and protection of the servers in extreme weather conditions. We are happy to say that no matter the environment, the carrier grade servers from DELL meet the highest level of NEBS certifications and can withstand most natural disasters ensuring the best possibly of equipment working during any type of emergencies.

Dell Secures Its Place in Telecommunications

Since 2002, Dell has participated in providing OEM solutions but with the PowerEdge 12th Generation Carrier Grade servers, now Dell has secured a place in the telecommunications industry with our newest and most deliberate venture of carrier grade servers. Dell’s excellent support, service and motto of “open standards, open communications” combined with the utmost reliability, scalability and compatibility of our carrier grade servers lends us to providing one of the best options for servers in the telecommunications world. Innovative design and Dell resources have been put to the test in the telecommunication industry and in a few short months Dell has set the standard for industry carrier grade servers

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