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I love apple products, and believe the overall design and functionality of both my Iphone and my Ipad are almost perfect. However I have been frustrated with the fact that I carry two devices with me everywhere I go. The IPad has almost eliminated the use of my laptop excluding for work at my desk. As I am sitting here at my desk looking I have my Iphone stacked on my Ipad. In a few minutes I will head into a meeting where I will take both in case I receive a call or urgent text and I will be taking notes with my Ipad. This is why I really wish Apple made an Ipad Mini with the ability to be a phone. So here are my primary reasons why!


Ipad Mini Phone

1. Consolidation: The Ipad Mini fits in both my pants and jacket pocket, but has a large enough screen to handle any business app I am using. I would like to consolidate and use it as my single carry device.

2. Perfect Screen Size: I know there are other devices on the market like the Galaxy note however I feel the screen is still to small to utilize all of my business applications. The Mini is still small enough to hold in one hand if you ever needed the phone. The largest argument I have heard against this is that it is to big and would look silly. I agree that holding it up to your ear is not idea but the fact is most of my calls are made using my headphones and microphone. For 8 hours a day I sit at a desk with my phone next to me and answer all of my calls with my headset. I drive listening to podcast and music with my headphones and often utilize Siri to send texts while on the road.

3. Amazing Media Device: While the Ipad is cumbersome at times and difficult to hold with one hand while watching videos are scanning images the Mini is easy to handle and a perfect personal media device. Its size is also perfect for hand held gaming as well.

4. Performance: The Ipad Mini is capable of handling any task I need, however I often want to send messages and data via a larger device while I have clients on the phone. This works if I am in a Wi-Fi network however I am not willing to give up my unlimited data plan to have a mobile hot spot and I am definitely not paying for a Ipad with data. Having a client on the phone and editing invoices and sending them while in the taxi sounds like a great way to increase my productivity.

5. Centralized Phone Systems: Companies could utlize Minis as a desk phone system that can go anywhere with employees. Utilizing Google voice numbers and cloud based phone solutions could completely change the way we use the phone at our desk and the Ipad Mini could be the leader in this arena.

Utilizing it as a phone would not be for everyone but many of us who spend a lot of time at a desk and utilize applications to handle daily work tasks could benefit from the integration enough that I believe it would be a perfect niche for Apple to target.

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5 Reasons The IPad Mini Should Be A Phone
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